GOOS Official Agreements & Communications

GOOS agreements and communications include the official governing documents for GOOS, including relevant Terms of Reference of GOOS and its working groups and panels.
1 GOOS National Focal Point Terms of Reference (12/05/2017)
2 MoU between IOC, WMO, UNEP and ICSU on the Co-sponsorship of the GOOS Steering Committee (1998) (29/04/2022)
3 MoU between IOC and ICSU on the Co-sponsorship of the Joint GOOS Scientific Committee (1993) (29/04/2022)
4 GRA Background Report OCEATLAN (23/08/2017)
5 National Argo Focal Points (12/05/2017)
The National Focal Points are the appropriate contact...
6 IOC Resolution XXVI-8 : Strengthening and Streamlining GOOS (05/07/2011)
Resolution confirming that the IOC Governing Bodies,...
7 IOC Circular Letter No.2248 of 23 November 2007 (19/12/2007)
The sponsors of GOOS are seeking nominations for the...
8 Programme of Action for GOOS (19/12/2007)
Resolution XXIV-7 of the IOC Assembly
9 Joint IOC-WMO-UNEP Circular Letter No. 2220 (19/01/2007)
Invitation to attend I-GOOS-VIII
10 IOC Circular Letter 2199 (07/06/2006)
This circular letter is to emphasize the urgency of...
11 Terms of Reference for I-GOOS and GSSC (30/06/2005)
Resolution XXIII-V of the IOC Assembly
12 MOU for the GOOS Scientific Steering Committee (GSSC) (30/06/2005)