Revised Programme and Budget for 2024–2025 (42 C/5) and Provisional Proposals for 2026–2027 (Draft 43 C/5)

Author(s) IOC Secretariat

Part I – Revised Programme and budget 2024–2025 as presented to and adopted by UNESCO General Conference at its 42nd session (42 C/5)

Part II – Detailed IOC workplans based on Member States’ priorities as per IOC Resolution A-32/4(II)

Part III – Preliminary proposals for 2026–2029, first biennium 2026-2027 (Draft 43 C/5)

Decision proposed is referenced Dec. EC-57/5.3 in the Provisional Action Paper IOC/EC-57/AP.

Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 05 Jun 2024
This document is used in the event(s): Fifty-seventh Session of the IOC Executive Council

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