Action Plan in Response to the IOS Evaluation of the IOC’s Strategic Positioning – Update on Implementation

Author(s) IOC Secretariat

In September 2021, UNESCO’s Internal Oversight Service published The Evaluation of the Strategic Positioning of IOC-UNESCOIOS/EVS/PI/197 (the Evaluation). The Evaluation included a set of six recommendations and suggested actions. Its key findings and the management response were presented to the UNESCO Executive Board at its 212th session (212 EX/9).

The first Draft Action Plan was presented to the IOC Executive Council at its 55th session in June 2022 as document IOC/EC-55/3.2Doc.(1). Following the positive review by the IOC Executive Council and consultation of Member States through IOC Circular Letter 2912, the Action Plan (IOC/A-32/6.3.Doc(1)), including updates on progress where relevant, was reviewed by the IOC Assembly at its 32nd session in June 2023. Through IOC Resolution A-32/4, the Assembly requested the IOC Executive Secretary to ‘move forward with its implementation considering the IOC’s evolving situation, including the resources available, proposing adjustments accordingly and reporting on progress both to IOC and UNESCO Governing Bodies’.

This document provides an update on the Action Plan implementation presented to the IOC Assembly in 2023, in line with Member States’ guidance.

Decision proposed: After introduction and discussion in plenary under item 5, the Executive Council is invited to take note of this document and consider the draft decision referenced as Dec. IOC/EC-57/5.2 in the Provisional Action Paper (document IOC/EC-57/AP). The document will then be subject to an in-depth review by the sessional statutory open-ended Financial Committee and the decision reflected in the Draft Resolution that the Financial Committee will be submitting to the Executive Council for adoption under item 5.4 in accordance with paragraph 15 of the Draft Revised Guidelines for the Preparation and Consideration of Draft Resolutions (IOC/INF-1315).

Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 05 Jun 2024
This document is used in the event(s): Fifty-seventh Session of the IOC Executive Council

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