IOC/EC-57/AP Prov.Rev.

Revised Provisional Action Paper

Author(s) IOC Secretariat

This Revised Action Paper provides the information necessary for effective participation in the discussion of the agenda items. This information includes: (i) identification of relevant documentation; (ii) identification, under each substantive agenda item, of the issue before the Executive Council and the expected decision or draft resolution, when available to date; (iii) background information.

This Action Paper also provides the basis for the draft summary report of the session and is therefore written in the past tense. A summary of the discussion under each agenda item will be prepared by the Secretariat and the Rapporteur and will complete the draft summary report. Draft decisions and resolutions are proposed in the document in order to assist decision-making by focusing the discussion.

Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 18 Jun 2024

This document is final.

A draft resolution on item 4.7 (Ocean Decade) is expected in a separate document.

This document is used in the event(s): Fifty-seventh Session of the IOC Executive Council

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