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National Council for Scientific Research, National Center for Marine Sciences, Lebanon

(National Council for Scientific Research, National Center for Marine Sciences, Lebanon)


59, Zahia Salmane street,
P.O. Box 11-8281




+ 961 1 840 260


+ 961 1 822 639




The National Center for Marine Sciences-CNRSL was established in 1977. The decision to establish such a centre (1975) was the national response to the 1972 Stockholm Conference. The centre is a recognized institute within the Mediterranean network of marine centers and is integrated in a number of regional and international activities. Research activities at the center focus on three themes: 

  • Monitoring of the coastal zone by creating a national observation network, modeling the cycles of contaminants and using bioindicators.
  • Evaluation of specific diversity by characterizing the living communities more particularly the migratory species and their habitats.
  • Production and transfer of matter in the coastal and marine ecosystems.
  • Fishery stock evaluation.
Within this framework, the actual skills cover the following aspects: Operational and physical oceanography, hydrological and hydrobiological parameters, marine biology, primary and secondary production and biodiversity, marine water and sediment chemistry and bacteriological contamination. - See more at: http://www.cnrs.edu.lb/site/SubPage.aspx?pageid=109#sthash.E5YutNpk.dpuf

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